Earlier nicotine patches and gums were most commonly used to quit smoking however now a days new range of therapies are available to get rid of smoking habit i.e.
Hypnotherapy: – It involves consultation with a hypnotherapist. In this process, therapist will first ask you to fill a questionnaire so that he or she can understand the whole situation. This form will ask for your habits, tendencies and information about your background. Then the therapist will star with hypnosis sessions.
It is an effective method to quit smoking but not for everyone. It is quite expensive also.
Pills: – The most popular pills to quit smoking are Zyban and Chantix. These are synthetic pills. While NicoNot is an effective herbal pill that curbs your nicotine craving as well as restrict your withdrawal symptoms naturally.
Laser Treatments: -These kinds of treatments reduce your dependence on nicotine. i.e. acupuncture.