Smoking is a practice wherein a person inhales in something poisonous as in tobacco which is highly injurious not only to our body but also to the people around us. Tobacco smoking is by far the most popular form of smoking and is practiced by over 1 billion population all around the world.
Do you remember the time when you lit your first cigarette? It might be due to various reasons like peer pressure, for fashion and as a sign of maturity. It might be different reasons that lead you to this vicious obsession, but did you ever realize how difficult it would be for you to get rid of it
Effects of smoking
You might be having a pretty good idea as to the effects of smoking. Some of its disturbing effects are:
• Smoking is the no1 cause of cancer. Topping this list is lung cancer.
• Smokers die earlier. They are at an 80% risk of dying with cancer, heart attack and stroke.
• Smokers tend to age faster. A 40 year old smoker would have wrinkles as a 60 year old.
• Smoking puts females at risk of reaching early menopause by lowering the estrogen levels at an early age.
• Fertility rate of smokers is lower than non smokers.
One tries various means & ways to quit smoking but not many are effective. You might have been a victim of the wide scale treatment options. But, in all of this, relapse is a common phenomenon, in addition to the numerous side effects. Finally, there’s a solution that will enable you to stop smoking most effectively without side effects and relapse will now be an issue of the past – with NicoNot, the most cost effective herbal remedy.
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