Hair loss has been bothering most of us for so long. Most people notice that they are losing hair in their early 20s, while it starts in the teens for some. This condition is very depressing, no doubt, but do you know the main causes of hair loss? In this post, we examine the major factors that influence the loss of hair in each of us:
1. Hormonal imbalances: Excess or less activity of the thyroid gland results in excess hair loss.
2. Pregnancy: During pregnancy, a lot of women experience a variation in hormonal activity. Post-pregnancy, this translates in a lot of hair loss.
3. Medications: Some medications have negative side-effects on the body, resulting in hair loss.
4. Illnesses like chemotherapy cause excessive hair loss too.
5. Age plays a decisive factor. If you are nearing your mid-30s, you will notice that you are losing more hair than ever before.
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