Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction in which a man ejaculates too soon during sexual intercourse before her partner reaching orgasm. It is one of the most common sexual dysfunction affecting men at a very fast rate. Here given below are some of the treatments available to curb this problem:
Cock Rings:
This helps to stay blood in the penis for longer period of time when erection occurs so as to avoid early ejaculation. However, this, method is not safe as it can possibly injures the blood vessels of penis.
Desensitizing creams/ sprays/ lotions:
Another way to get rid of premature ejaculation is anesthetic creams, lotions, sprays which desensitize the penis. However these creams are not recommended by doctors as they can reduce the overall sensitivity of penile region.
It involves discussing your relationship problems with health professionals in order to lessen performance anxiety or stress which may cause premature ejaculation. It has helped many couples in sorting out their relationship problems arises due to PE.
These exercises are practiced mainly to strengthen the pelvic region. But these should be done only under the supervision of experts so as to avoid its destructive impacts.
Herbal Supplements:
Herbal supplements are now a days getting prevalent among men because of is safe usage and permanent results. These herbal products are made up of potent herbs which works efficiently and curb premature ejaculation naturally i.e. DuraMale.