In the various triggers linked to erectile dysfunction – stress has a pivotal role to play. The reality that stress is an important risk factor comes as no surprise owing to the way we are leading our lives. We briefly state the steps in which your ongoing stress gradually causes erectile dysfunction and in turn hampers your sexual life:
• The sympathetic nervous system releases a hormone – Cortisol, that’s responsible for making humans face a situation or run away from it.
• An increase in Cortisol results in an increase in blood pressure and blood flow to organs that are needed in rapid activity, consequently decreasing blood flow to organs not needed in rapid activity.
• Here comes the role of sex organs. The sex organs being not essential for rapid activity receive less blood flow – thereby resulting in a loss of erection, on the event of stressful situation.
Thus, whatever be the stress you experience – whether it’s personal or professional, it is associated with low testosterone levels – a major contributor to erectile dysfunction. However, the hope is that ED is curable. With CaliPlus – an effective herbal pill, you can achieve that perfect erection that would leave a positive effect on both you and your partner everlastingly!

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