Treatment of the erectile dysfunction may vary depending upon the cause and severity of the erectile dysfunction. Just to mention the prominent few:
Psychological Therapy:
This therapy is aimed at fighting Depression which is a constant companion with erectile dysfunction. Usually a psychologist or a therapist is consulted. This therapy also aims at increasing the bonds of communication between the partners, if otherwise impaired.
Surgery here is in the form of vascular surgery wherein blood flow is restored in the penile area which consequently improves the erection mechanism. However, these surgeries are not considered very favorable as they open doors to a wide range of infections.
Vacuum Devices:
Vacuum devices produce a vacuum around the penis that forces blood in and enlarges the penis. However, these are simple temporary devices to treat erectile dysfunction. They do not aim at treating the larger problem.
Drugs are a more common mode of treating this disorder. Various drugs are available today that improve blood flow to the penis providing an improved erection. However, again as these drugs are a combination of harmful chemicals they can have very negative side effects in the form of affecting the hormonal levels in the body.
Herbal Treatment:
Herbal remedies have made a deep mark in treating erectile dysfunction. Doctors today are also in favor of herbal measures as they make use of unique herbs that effectively treat your impotence problem ruling out the possibility of any side effects.
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So go ahead and choose the right treatment in combating Erectile Dysfunction….