VigaPlus is an excellent remedy against male sexual deficiency. This herbal product is free from side-effects and ensures that male impotence is controlled and defeated. VigaPlus is the favorite among affiliates thanks to its high conversion rates.
It is important that the penis gets sufficient blood flow for erections to take place. Irregular blood flow to the penile tissues results in erection dysfunction. VigaPlus’s effective herbal formulation increases nitric oxide in the penis and thus helps in relaxation of the muscles around the blood vessels. This causes the blood vessels to expand. Thus, there is a natural increase of blood flow into the penis producing a harder erection.
Nicotinic acid
Extremely useful in the development of sexual hormones. Nicotinic acid is also responsible for the release of histamine in the body and this force the blood vessels to allow more blood flow through the male sexual organ.
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
Contributes to the proper working of the immune system. Expands the blood vessels to allow for a greater volume of blood to flow to the penis during arousal. This aids in firmer erections.
Proprietary Base
Argyreia speciosa: Used as a tonic for sexual enhancement and greatly assists in increasing sperm count.
Maca: Responsible for increasing energy and stamina levels in the body and effectiveness as an aphrodisiac.

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