Acne is a common skin condition characterized by plugged pores (blackheads and whiteheads), pimples that occur on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and even upper arms. Acne is caused by build up of excess oil and dead skin in a pore. The causes of this are natural hormones, clogged skin and bacteria.
Natural Treatments for Acne:
It’s important to remember that acne remedy if it is “natural” it cannot be harsh on the skin, and will even not have any side effects or cause inflammation. Today natural acne remedies are the most advanced when it comes to treating Acne with natural vitamin and essential herbs. Natural herbal remedies are derived from thousands of herbs enabling astonishing results.
Further, for acne, natural remedies are not only effective and safe, but they do not cause skin redness and peeling, nor are they painful. They also do not contain alcohol, so they do not dry the skin, nor do they sting when applied. Natural acne remedies contain a base, plus a combination of oil control and skin soothing plant and herb derivatives that penetrate into deep skin levels to ensure optimal relief from Acne.
Fitoderm is one of the most popular acne remedies that is great against both acne and pimples as it is also a natural treatment. FitoDerm herbal pills are tried and tested and should give excellent results. You will be very surprised by the fact that you can use simple acne remedies that can really solve the problem for you.