Acne may affect individuals of any age group including teenagers, adults, and old people. However it is most commonly found in teenagers. The type of acne which is more prevalent among teenagers is “acne vulgaris”. It is characterized by whiteheads, blackheads or pimples on the face, shoulder, back and neck.
When a skin pore gets clogged, closes and bulges out, it results in whiteheads. However If a pore gets clogged but remain open and become dark on the top then it results in blackheads. On the other hand pimples arise by the combination of dead bacteria and skin.
Acne is the most common skin problem faced by the people. There may be numerous causes of acne however the root factor is “the deposition of oil and dead skin in a skin pore”. This may occur due to the following factors:
Natural hormones: – These hormones are particularly more active in teenagers
Bacteria: Infection of oil glands and pores by bacteria. In fact bacteria grows at a very fast rate
Genetic: – If you have acne there are more chances of the occurrence of acne in your offspring’s.
Plugged skin
All these marks on your face lower your self-confidence and make you look unattractive which is really bothering for anyone. Thus it is necessary to control your acne problem in time before it goes to an advance stage.
A number of skin care products are flooded in the market that claims to curb acne problem including cream, oils, pills etc. However it is always advisable to use those skin supplements which have no other side-effects on your skin. FitoDerm is one among them.
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