Myth 1: Junk Food leads to Acne
Reality: There is NO proven link between junk food and Acne. Infact it is the presence of bacteria- Propionibacteria acne that triggers Pimples and scars.
Myth 2: Acne results from poor cleansing routine
Reality: Acne is NOT caused by lack of cleansing rather even over cleaning of the skin will not heal it.
Myth 3: Masturbation leads to Acne
Reality: A completely false belief. There is NO relation whatsoever between Masturbation and Acne and or between sex and Acne. *Myth 4: Acne is Contagious *
Reality: Acne CANNOT be passed on from people to people. It is not spread through touching, kissing or shaking hands with someone with Acne.
Myth 5: Oily skin triggers Acne
Reality: A greasy complexion is a symptom of Acne NOT a cause of Acne.
So, basically the reality is that Acne is a condition of the pilosebaceous unit wherein the gland is responsible for producing sebum responsible for keeping skin nourished. During adolescents the sebum production increases rapidly giving way to the formation of Acne!