Every person desire of glowing and healthy skin but not everyone gifted with that. Many of them suffer from acne and have to live with this miserable and frustrating problem. There are two main reasons behind this problem including bad genetics and certain oily, spicy unhealthy food items.
These above two causes can easily be minimized, if you can take few precautions listed below:
Eat Healthy: – Now a days people prefer fast foods over vegetables and fruits. Fast foods are mainly responsible for causing acne as they are made up of vegetable oil. Thus try eating healthy diet that includes green leafy vegetables and fruits.
Use of cleansers & face creams: – Use cleansers, face creams to keep your face clean and avoid acne problem.
Drink Lots of water: – A minimum of 7-8 glasses per day will help. Drinking water helps remove toxins from body thus improving skin health.
Multi-vitamins:- Diet rich in multi-vitamin, chromium and zinc helps in healing acne problem
Fitoderm: – It is an herbal skincare solution which restricts acne, scars and keeps your skin healthy naturally.