Acne is the most common skin problem that causes pimples. One goes through various pain to get rid of Acne, at times, ignoring the very fact that the product might not be good or safe for the skin. Are you going to compromise on your skin?
Generally the treatments can be grouped into 3 broad categories:
Ointments and creams: Well, this is most commonly used by people to get rid of acne. Some of this stuff may treat one’s problem while some can actually worsen the acne, whilst the cons of ointments and creams are the phenomena of re-occurrence. The treatment is only short term. Acne and pimples reoccur after a couple of days. In addition this treatment promotes inflammation as some of these products contain traces of Benzoyl Peroxide or salicylic acid. The result will be drier, coarse skin, which is difficult to handle over a period of time.
Laser Treatment: Laser treatments calms down acne breakouts and makes skin less oily. But, it’s accompanied by various disadvantages. Topping the list is the prevalence of side effects. 70% of people who have undergone laser therapy have mentioned side effects in the form of shrinking of pores, clogged pores, bumpy skin, besides being the most expensive form of treatment and quite painful too.
Herbal Treatment: Herbal options are being considered by millions today due to the ample benefits that it offers. Just to mention a few advantages, it is primarily free of side effects, it’s cost effective and it provides desired results quite promptly. It’s only con is the prevalence of many fake herbal products that are flooded in the market today.
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