Do herbal medicines purely give a no side-effect treatment to some of our illness? Is it really effective as our supplements?
Herb by herb basis. Each herb is different in its uses and effects, as well as whether or not there are side effects. Yes, herbs can be as effective, or more effective, than supplements depending on the use and situation.
The vast majority of herbal preparations are completely safe, and have no uncomfortable or dangerous side effects.
Just remember- there is no such thing as a “safe” drug!
Traditional Medicine focuses on BLOCKING THE SYMPTOM of an illness and doesn’t treat whats causing it plus the medications used can create side effects and the development of other complications because of their toxicity to the human body. Herbal remedies focus on TREATING THE CAUSE of a condition using proper nutrition and supplementation to eliminate a disorder. The body can eliminate illnesses if fed correctly.
Due to side effects of synthetic products used in modern medicines, natural herbal products are gaining popularity in the world market. It is a system of medicine that originated in India & china several thousand years ago. They contain whole herbs and fruits safer and more effective as opposed to Western formulations which often times have harmful side effects.