Acne is probably the irritating condition to happen to a person. This condition is not life-threatening but will force a man or woman to waste a lot of hours in front of the mirror. Their worries are justified. A single pimple or a couple of blackheads can severely alter appearance. What are the main reasons for acne to erupt on your skin?
We will look at some of the major reasons below:
1. Genetic: There is a high chance of a child to get acne if his/her parent has it.
2. Hormone production: Androgen production activates oil producing glands in the skin.
3. Stress: Stress and depression plays a major role in increasing skin vulnerability.
4. Food: Some people who are allergic to certain foods will notice that they get acne more often.
5. Over-washing of the face: Some people wash their face too often. This robs the face of essential oils that would be required to keep the skin in perfect condition.
Acne is not caused by foods like chocolate. So don’t worry!
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