Myth 1:- Fad diet works BEST in treating obesity and losing weight
Fad diets such as south beach diet, atkins diet, glycemic load diet etc often promise quick weight loss but strictly restrict calories or food choices that are hard to follow. Furthermore these diets may not provide all nutrients required by the body. Fast weight loss may even leads to gallbladder stone.
Myth 2:- Intake of High protein/ low carbohydrate diet is beneficial for losing weight
There is no scientific evidence that shows the long term health benefits of a high protein/low carbohydrate diet. However high protein foods including meat, eggs and cheese contain too much of fat and cholesterol which may results in heart disease.
Myth 3:- A very Low Fat diet is required for effective weight loss
People usually follow low fat diet in order to lose weight however they forget that certain amount of fats are essential for performing normal body functions. There are some fatty acids which are not produced by the body and thus must present in the diet. Some fatty acids act as a carrier for essential vitamins which are only soluble in them. Furthermore some fatty acids are vital in the formation of cell membranes i.e. nerve tissue.
Researches showed that people with fat free diet develop infertility, scaly skin and have a greater chance of infection.
Myth 4:- Carbohydrates make you fat
It is not carbohydrates that make you fat but it is calories which make you fat i.e. sugar and fat present in carbohydrates results in weight gain.
Myth 5:- Skipping meals will results in weight loss
Studies revealed that people who usually skip their meals and eat fewer times during the day tends to be heavier than people who takes proper meals i.e. eat 5-6 times a day. This is because of the fact that people who skip meals tends to feel hungrier later on and eat more than what they eat normally.