There has been a considerable debate on whether or not alcohol and obesity are interrelated. In this section, we focus our attention on both sides of the debate.
On one hand, there’s a lot of hoopla doing the rounds that alcohol leads to gaining excess weight. The reason for this is attributed to the calorie content that one gets from alcohol consumption. It is said that certain types of Alcohol such as beers, rum, whiskey and its types do contain a considerable amount of calories that leads to gaining excess pounds overtime. However, the point here is that this belief is provided by the old theories.
All the recent theories, experimental studies claim that Alcohol and obesity are not related. They state that alcohol calories are not efficiently utilized and so generally it does not lead to weight gain. Infact, on the contrary it is said that red wine and white wine are indeed healthy options that keeps the heart healthy. Other studies on the same issue state that alcohol is more of an acid than a supplement that would not lead to gaining weight.
However, the bottom line is that although there is more evidence supporting that Alcohol and obesity are not related, yet, the old theories are also cropping up with increasing evidence. But, what has been known as of know is that although all alcohols do not cause obesity, certain types do cause obesity – these include – beer, rum, whiskey etc.
And so the debate continues……